7 Days of Website Myths: Day 1

DAY 1. People read on the web- MMMM, Not so much.

  • In 2013, analytics vendor Chartbeat analyzed Slate and other websites and found that most visitors scroll through about only 50-60% of an article page. What’s more interesting, it seems to be no correlation between sharing and scrolling: people readily share your articles even without reading them
  • Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking study from 2008 indicated that less than 20% of the text content is actually read on an average web page.

Solution: create content that is relevant and scannable.

  • Get rid of long text blocks
  • Toss out unnecessary instructions
  • Ditch promotional writing and “smalltalk”
  • Simplify your message
  • use keywords, infographs, bullet points, and pictures to garner more attention and engagement

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