6 Ways To Get Creative


By Emily Muskin

As I sit here pondering how to creatively tune into my creativity, my brain is beginning to pound, and not in a good way.  Why is it so difficult to be creative at 4:21 PM on a Wednesday?  Maybe I’m too excited about happy hour to think straight, or I’ve used up all of my creative juices for the day on meaningless tasks?  Who knows…but I can tell you this, at the tender age of 28, even during the direst times of the day, I have figured out a few ways that I can inspire creativity in myself.  I think it goes without saying, that everyone has a different style; therefore, these ideas may not work for you and they don’t always work for me either, but give them a try or work hard to find your own way to creatively tune into YOUR creativity.

  1. I am my most creative in the morning after a good night’s sleep and a strong, flavorful cup of hazelnut coffee.
  2. Working out inspires wonderful ideas that are not always practical or logical, but most always very interesting.
  3. Reading other people’s stories ignites the creativity within me to make my own story more engaging.
  4. The second I begin chopping vegetables for a salad or whipping up eggs for a frittata, my creative juices begin flowing.
  5. Planting myself outside (in the summer of course) in a beautiful setting with a camera inspires me.
  6. Most importantly, my body and brain thank me when I sleep well, take care of myself, and make sure to have “me” time to utilize all of my great ideas for inspiring creativity!


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