6 Tips to Use Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email marketing has gotten extra savvy.  It’s not just for communicating with existing prospects and customers anymore.  It can be a great channel for new lead generation. It can also nurture leads and turn them into conversions.

How do you turn a lead into a conversion through the power of email? Read on and we’ll show you our tips for using email marketing for lead generation. 

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1. Design emails that convert

Why are you even sending emails in the first place, hmm? Don’t you want that sweet, sweet conversion?

Successful emails entice the consumer to click, draw them in, and gives them next steps that bring them closer to converting. These emails are made of up of elements that work together to create one, complete message.

2. Focus on an opt-in strategy

Would you rather: 

A) Wake up to an inbox of 3,457,882 promotional emails sent to you without asking permission first?

B) Wake up to a zombie apocalypse?

Yeah, we chose B, too.

To generate leads, you need to have people to email. Instead of adding people to your list automatically, get better leads by allowing customers to choose to opt in. It’s tempting to purchase recipients’ email addresses, but if you’re buying email lists and spamming your prospects, no one will want to share your email with others. They will only want to unsubscribe! The first step to email lead generation is to make sure you have happy subscribers that enjoy receiving emails from you. 

Be sure to:

  • Give the consumer multiple ways and chances to opt in by including an email opt-in link in website pop ups and side bars, on social media posts, etc.
  • Include an unsubscribe option.
  • Give the customer a reason to opt in by making the benefits of joining your email list clear.
    • “Sign up for our newsletter and get digital marketing tips sent straight to your inbox every week!”

3. Send valuable content

If you send really interesting or valued offers – whether it’s downloads, discounts or educational content – people won’t want to unsubscribe from your emails. They will also be more likely share your emails with their friends or colleagues.

Make sure your offers stay valuable by:

  • Conducting extensive market research to truly know your audience.
  • Segmenting your audience and sending curated offers to segments who will find the offer most valuable.
  • Focus on sending quality offers rather than a high quantity of offers.

4. Nurture your leads

Think of your leads as your tiny little potato seeds. You can’t grow savory spuds without a little TLC, the same way you can’t grow conversions without a little lead nurturing.

Email marketing is a great tool for targeting highly specific segments of your audience. You can nurture leads by sending different content offers to segments of consumers in various stages of the buying process.

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Nurture your leads by:

  • Using customized emails to target audience members in different stages of the buying process.
  • Sending brand awareness-focused content to top of the funnel consumers in the awareness stage of the buying process.
  • Sending conversion-focused content to consumers at the bottom of the funnel in the consideration and decision stages.

5. Place a call to action in your email

Calls to action can be inserted when you have an extra-valuable, downloadable content offer. Instead of blog or social media content, these offers are valuable enough to be offered in exchange for information from the consumer, like company name, phone number, and industry – all of which are valuable to knowing your leads’ interests and pain points to help you better sell.

  • A good call to action:
    • Uses actionable language with verbs encouraging readers to do something.
    • Stands out, design wise, from the content in the email.
    • Includes a clear value proposition.

6. Give people the tools to share

Why reach ten people when you can reach 100? The better the content in your email, the more likely your subscribers are to share it with their networks.

  • Make sharing easy by:
    • Adding a “Forward to a Friend” link in the email.
    • Adding social media sharing buttons in the email and in each content piece.

 Like these tips? Want more?

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