5 Tips to create credibility for your start up

So you started a new business! Congrats! You have an awesome new space, a website, business cards, and you signed up for local networking events like crazy. It’s time to get some customers. One of the first snags you might run into however, is “new” often translates to “untested”, and potential customers might view themselves as test subjects while you figure things out. Without an established business how can you create credibility, trust, and grow? I pulled together 5 ways that we at Hey Now! built credibility and encouraged growth when we first started and hopefully they will prove helpful for you too.

Here are my 5 top ways to build credibility with your customers.

1. Just because your business hasn’t been around for years doesn’t mean you and your team haven’t. Emphasize your experience and let that lead the messaging for the brand until the company is more established. That means prominently featuring your bio and bios of your staff to bolster credibility. Check with past clients that are industry relevant, and see if you could feature testimonials from them to lend some standing too.

2. Invest in good branding. First impressions can make or break ya baby. Professionally made collateral will ensure you step out looking super polished and can compete. For us, we give new businesses more than just a logo, we work with them to create the foundation of their company so they are positioned for growth, convey a strategic consistent message, and have the materials they need to approach clients of any and all size.

3. Push your Facebook page (and other social sites too). Facebook page likes can add a lot of credibility to your new business, and even more if you have glowing reviews. Again, try tapping some past clients that you’ve worked with to help vouch for you while you get on your feet. Ask family and friends to invite people to like the page and help you grow a following. This will also help you get the word out and reach new people.

4. Invest in a good website. People these days find you online long before they pick up the phone or walk in. A sharp, user friendly, search engine friendly, and mobile friendly site is a must. Think of it as a digital store front that’s open 24/7. According to Stanford research, 75 percent of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on the design of their website.

5. Be honest. Trying to pull one over on potential customers will definitely backfire. Be truthful, do your best and always stay true to yourself, and you will set your business up for success through loyalty and respect.

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