5 Tips for Making Quizzes Millennials Love

making quizzes millennials love

We’ve been making a lot of quizzes lately.  They’re super fun and people for whatever reason, really love to quiz themselves – especially millennials. I hated quizzes in school, but it is so hard to pass up a good Buzzfeed quiz on Facebook. They are like kryptonite for our generation!

It turns out, quizzes aren’t just fun, they are driving some serious results. Using this medium to reach potential clients has had some incredible results.  For instance, the data backup and disaster recovery company Unitrends developed a BDR Superhero personality quiz that generated 5,100 new leads and contributed $1.5M in new sales in three months.

We know that when it comes to content, this demographic likes it served shorter, bulleted and clearly organized with the most important information at the top.  The quiz does this and more. It is an actual FUN game-like feature that allows people to learn about information you want to tell them, or solve their problems in a completely strategic route that you created that leads to your solution!  It really fits the needs of everyone involved.

Try incorporating the quiz into your next email newsletter, your website, or social media post. Here are five tips on how to create wow-worthy quizzes millennials love – AND drive results.

1. Create a kick-ass title.

Just like in email marketing you need to put some time and thought into the subject line, your quiz title should be exciting/interesting/controversial etc. that entices people to take the quiz. It’s not an afterthought, folks!

2. No more than 6-15 questions.

This is the proven sweet spot.

3. Get personal

Provide personal results, and make sure the questions and answers match your brand’s tone and voice.  Always remember that a REAL PERSON is engaging with this, not a robot.

4. Connect the questions to 4-10 results.

This is where you have a chance to “assess” their choices in the aforementioned questions.  Don’t go crazy, but create enough differentiation that if the person takes it again and changes up some answers they will likely get a different result.

5. Capture emails.

A lot of quizzes either trick you into leaving your email, or ask you for it outright without any understanding of why.  A better way to generate leads that are meaningful is to give a reason to leave an email.  EXAMPLE: If you are an interior designer, and someone went through a quiz you created of what color their living room should be, when they get to the end ask “Learn more about your perfect color and furniture ideas too!  Enter your email for a free ebook, OR Enter your email for a free consultation”… you get the idea.  Make it real and again, personal.


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