5 Cool Website Menu Examples We Love (And Can Execute!)


It’s 2018, the web has been around for decades, and humanity has finally figured out how to do some pretty cool stuff with it.

There are so many great examples of functionality on the web, so today we’ve picked a few of our favorites to show you. And, hey, if you want something cool like this for your own site, click here. We got you!

1. Moving Gradient Menu 

The Nest Power Project is a partnership initiative between Nest Labs, Inc. and Google to bring awareness to energy efficiency discrepancies in homes across America. The website’s menu pops into view from the side and features a gradient pattern constantly shifting colors. It’s not overwhelming, but it provides a nice pop of color in the site’s otherwise dark screen and serves as a cool feature to enhance the overall site design.

2. Interactive Hover Menu and Transition

Sara Marand is an artist and photographer, and her website definitely reflects her brand personality. Sleek, elegant, and bright, this site’s cool menu shows off her best work and adds a little pop of creativity.

3. Spherical Scrolling Menu


This web designer and part-time photographer’s portfolio is full of awesome functionality effects, but our favorite is this scrolling menu of his work that appears spherical. Once a link is clicked, it “flattens” to a 2-D screen for easy viewing. Brilliant!

4. Interactive Drag Menu

A simpler example, but still very effective. This front-end developer’s portfolio has a menu the user can click and drag to scroll through. Hovering over each portfolio piece causes a nice rise-and-fall effect, too. 

5. Piano Menu


The Carl Nielsen International Competition is a world-renowned contest for up-and-coming, talented orchestral musicians. So it’s only natural their menu would be a piano! Hovering over each menu button make a different piano note sound and the menu spreads across the screen like a piano. Hot Cross Buns anyone?

What cool website menus have you seen recently?

For more website inspiration, click here, here, or here.

All websites were inspired by Awwwards.com winners and nominees


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