4 Easy Quick Wins for New Clients with No Prior Marketing Efforts

quick wins for clients with no marketing

First impressions are everything, and that’s especially true when you begin working with a brand-new client. It’s important to show that you can deliver results fast, but at what point are the results “good enough” to present to the client within a short time frame?

The best solution to this is to immediately launch a “quick wins” campaign where you find the low-hanging fruit and pluck it! Quick wins are easy marketing tactics based on a client’s current assets that show fast results.

But sometimes a client comes to you with no blogs, no email list, no paid advertising, no social media presence, and almost zero previous marketing efforts whatsoever. What’s an agency to do?

Here are four easy, quick wins you can use to get fast results for clients new to the inbound marketing game.

1. Create a decision-stage landing page.

Even if a client does not have content for you to use, let alone content valuable enough to gate, you can still create a lead-generating conversion path for customers in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. That is, they’ve identified their problem and are interested in buying from your client as a solution.

Create a landing page allowing them to sign up for a consultation, demo, sales meeting, or other decision stage offer explaining the benefits of working with your client. No content required!

2. Focus on CTA placement.

Once you’ve created your decision-stage landing page, place calls-to-action on your site that lead to that page. Prioritize pages with more site views and pages that someone looking to buy would logically be visiting (i.e. product pages).

3. Begin to build social channels.

Assess or create social profiles for the four biggest social channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, depending on where it makes sense for the client to be active.

Immediately promote your decision-stage landing page and start scheduling posts advertising your clients’ offerings, reposting industry thought leader content, and having the client document their day-to-day activity within the office.

As you post about relevant content and use hashtags to help your audience find you, it will grow organically, giving your client something to smile about!

4. Optimize everything that can be optimized. 

Have your SEO expert analyze the client’s current website to find SEO weaknesses. Present those with the biggest impact to the client in an audit presentation before making the fix.

Additionally, make sure the company’s information is correct on Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Moz Local, etc. Google the company and make sure all the information that comes up is accurate. Claim and update any online profiles you find.

These four quick win tactics should take less than a week to implement and should immediately deliver results for a client who has never ventured into marketing and may be skeptical of the importance of inbound. Once you have their trust, you can start creating some killer inbound campaigns to underscore your efforts! 

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