3 Times Art + Business Worked Together to Create Something Beautiful

In my spare time, you can always find me cruising the web, reading content by design influencers and looking for really cool stuff to inspire me. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Richard Baird, blogs at www.bpando.com where he reviews branding for industries and companies that you don’t necessarily think about as being extremely marketable or into design.

Baird talks about industries like real estate, architectural, non-profit, etc. and shows off cool design elements from the last companies you would expect.

I couldn’t help but share three of my favorite examples discovered by Baird that really illustrate the magic that happens when art and business combine to form something beautiful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are plenty more!

1) Näsby Slottspark

Näsby Slottspark is a Swiss property development for residents in Täby, a city just north of Stockholm. To advertise their property, they put together a beautiful brochure showcasing the property and taking time to touch on the team you would get in contact with in order to inquire about the space. You can view it here.

The PDF is 41 pages long and quite gorgeous. Featuring textures, brand fonts and colors, and excellent professional photography, it’s the perfect way to entice potential residents looking for an aesthetic place to live.

2) Fluvia

Fluvia is a lighting company from LED Simon that aims to provide creative lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. A creative lighting solution calls for creative branding, right? 

Behold, the art and business of Fluvia’s branding.



This is a very sleek, tech-oriented company with really cool, artistic branding. The modern icons that change color when you hover over them are an excellent touch. I like what Richard Baird has to say about Fluvia. You can read his thoughts here. 

3) Helio

Helio is a “co-working space” company that is branded extremely well, making them eye-catching and allowing them to stand out in the market. You would never think a co-working space company would have such cool, artistic branding, but this one really caught my eye. 


I love the way the colors complement each other, and the brand textures add to the identity rather than overwhelm the audience. It’s a perfect blend of art and business.

Again, Richard Baird does a great job of showcasing and explaining their artistic brand identity. Read more here.

Like I said, I could show you more examples all day, but these are just a few that caught my eye today. They really prove to me that the intersection of art and business is where great things can happen for a company.

Have you seen any cool, artistic brands lately? 

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