10 Stellar Content Offer Ideas for B2B Companies


B2B marketing is all about lead generation, so the idea of a gated content offer is extremely valuable to B2B companies.

Remember, a content offer must be so valuable the potential lead is willing to give you some of their information in exchange for it. While you can gate an eBook on an industry-related topic, you wouldn’t want to turn your product information into a content offer. That would prevent people from seeing it and they probably wouldn’t care enough to give you their email in exchange for the privilege of viewing your catalog.

Here are 10 ideas for stellar content offers that resonate in a B2B market and generate leads.

1) eBooks

eBooks are a quintessential content offer, especially in an industry where there’s a lot to learn and concepts that need explaining. When a potential customer is looking to learn something more about their industry, they can find and read your eBook.

2) Guides

These are almost like shorter eBooks, but they offer a direct, clear opportunity to learn something, almost like a how-to. Guides should be to the point and promise to teach the reader a new skill – therein lies the value.

3) Webinars

Webinars are a great way to repurpose eBook content by having a team expert present it to an audience. Leads will often tune in to webinars as a method of professional development on the job. Take the opportunity to teach them something related to your product offerings!

4) SlideShares

These LinkedIn-based slide presentations are a great way to repurpose your webinar content. Take the webinar’s visual presentation, make sure it makes sense without a voiceover for context, and turn it into an easy content offer for download.

5) Demos

This is an excellent B2B content offer because it shows the prospect is extremely interested in your product and is probably in the decision stage of their buyer’s journey. Get their information to schedule a demo and develop a strategy to follow up with them to ensure you remain top of mind.

6) Contests 

Have something valuable people would want to win? Can you spare a product giveaway? If not, you can always buy an iPad or other tech device and raffle it off at a trade show. Just have hopefuls give their email and be sure to make them aware that by entering they’re opting in to receive your content. 

7) Cheat Sheets

Remember how guides are like short eBooks? Well cheat sheets are like short guides! Take an industry concept that’s difficult to remember or that people are always having to consult Google for and turn it into a cheat sheet they can download, print, and consult whenever they need. Cheat sheets can be just words or illustrated like an infographic, but either way they should be well-designed.

8) Whitepapers

This is another quintessential B2B content offer. Creating whitepapers shows that your team of experts knows what they’re talking about, positioning you as a thought leader in the industry. Whitepapers also provide valuable research in one place that your audience will find valuable and that they might not be able to find themselves without a bit of work.

Quick note: While an eBook can be easily confused with a whitepaper, the latter is generally more research-based and factual. This isn’t to say that eBooks aren’t fact-based, but they’re usually less stuffy than a formal whitepaper.

9) Original Data or Research

Even better than a whitepaper, offer research the reader would not be able to find anywhere else – because it’s original! This one takes quite a bit of work, but if you nail a topic people in your industry need and want to know about you’re sure to have a big payoff in terms of lead generation. And it’s an excellent way to position your company as an industry thought leader.

10) Templates

Templates can take on a variety of forms depending on the topic and your industry. At the end of the day, a template should be able to help the audience member better organize a task or project. For example, if you work with a lot of auto mechanics, create a template to help them better organize their inventory. Or if you work with a lot of purchasing managers, create an Excel spreadsheet template to help them prioritize their budget.

Creating content for a B2B audience and targeting your audience at work is always vastly different from targeting users in their personal lives. Use these 10 content offer ideas to boost your lead generation efforts and put out better content that attracts the customers you’re looking for.

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